Keith B

By keibr

Cycling Down to the Shops

I have to be honest, this "short cut" is actually about a kilometer longer than using the road. But it is worth it!  No cars and the grass and flowers brushing your legs as you swish past. Judging by the tracks I'm more likely to meet horse and rider than a car or motorcycle. Lots of sunshine too as the forest was felled about 10 years ago and the regrowth is still fairly low. It's a quick trip, about 13 kms and I let the e-motor help on uphills.
After the shopping trip it was back to gardening work, ripping up nettles and long grass around the berry bushes. Now, the day after, my back and shoulders remember all that ripping up.
In the evening we went to the museum's old church to listen to Karin give a concert using her Celtic harp, zither, recorder, and the newly repaired organ in the church. The music ranged from 1400's up to 1900's and we in the audience got to join in with two of the songs.

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