Life through the lens...

By ValC

The day that the rain came down.

Today the rains came.
I was delighted that these lilies had opened in time for Flower Friday, but thought there would be no chance of an outside shot today.
However just managed to dash into the garden in between heavy showers. Even heard a rumble of thunder.
Gorgeous lily called Passion Moon. This is its third year, and it is the best yet.
Rather like the raindrops on the petals in this shot.
No watering needed tonight.

Our usual trip to Pudsey farm shop this morning.
I asked Heidi if they had any of their homegrown lettuces, but they had sold out.
However she said if we could wait a few minutes she would go and cut some. Now that is service for you. Off she went, and came back with a freshly cut lettuce. Such a beauty.
So just had to photograph it and here it is as my extra.
Today’s rain will certainly be good for the crops.

I hope our granddaughter is enjoying the Tramlines Festival and not getting too wet.

Have a good weekend Blippers.

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