Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Le Grand Tour de Bretagne - Jour 9

La Grande Troménie, Locronan, Brittany

Arrived in Locronan on yet another beautiful day, to witness and take part in La Grande Troménie, an important religious pilgrimage that only takes place once every six years. The route covers 12km, we managed about 1km before returning to enjoy the historic village which was peaceful once the crowds had left.

The first link tells you more about the background to La Grande Troménie, and the second link takes you to a video if you’d like to join in the experience.

(My photos of the event are rather disappointing, there were so many people and so many cameras and elbows everywhere! But that hasn’t stopped me posting too many extras of the procession! Thank you for your ongoing kind comments, and stars, in spite of my absence.)

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