Return to the North

By Viking

As Alice Cooper would say..

School's out for summer - woohoo

Actually a lovely last day of term. I am currently working at a Catholic school and they finish their year with a whole school Liturgy. So we had 1000+ students packed into a sports hall (with terrible acoustics I have to say). We spent a joyous 90 minutes celebrating student success, praying God and saying goodbye to staff who we're leaving. A few things that struck me:
1. The kids were very respectful of the liturgy. It is a VERY multicultural school and not all (or many even possibly) are Catholic, there were certainly kids there of all religious and non religious persuasions and yet they all sat and listened and responded. 
2. There was lots to celebrate!
3. And this really struck me as amazing, over the year the students of the school have raised 12k over the year for good causes.

It was also a pretty wet day so not much chance to get much photography done. However we have a patch of poppies growing at the bottom of the garden and caught this overfly checking this poppy out

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