By lilaudio

Regent Street views

Whenever the wither abides, this is where I take ma lunch. Wi' ma wee piece an' sunnies oan, cross leggid atop the front walls eh the Old Royal High School.

What a sight tae see, eh? Salisbury Crags; mither nature ever steady, as the waens of this auld city crack oan wi' 'progress' below...

"Leave this building derelict a while, old boy. Let it get damp and dangerous, then the city won't hold us back from demolition and reconstruction. We'll have London's vacant skyscraper aesthetic taking bloom before you know it! The inter-city pollination of steel and curated glass."

[Photo Description: the view across the Royal Mile, to the Salisbury Crags in Holyrood Park. Every plant within view is lush and green in the July sun and showers.]

I sit on this street, each day that the sun is out, and have my lunch. You can see the whole city centre from here, as well as out towards the coastline of Leith and Portobello. All making fast progress with new buildings, cranes peeking out from every few rotational views.

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