Two steps forward...

By stevvi


I was out before the thunderstorms and rain this morning (it's now bright sunshine!) and went to Two Tree Island. The tide was low and the clouds wild but the views of the Thames Estuary were wonderful from the end of the causeway opposite Canvey Island. I feel at home here. The main photo is of the end of Southend Pier with a ship leaving the estuary. The extra is of the Westcliff shoreline... to the left is Leigh-on-Sea and to the right Southend. I would have liked to have posted a couple more shots but my extras are being used up too quickly! I'll return another day.

Edit: Thanks @theBroon for letting me know old extras can be deleted to free up space... so 2 more extras added today.

Edit: Extras removed as the space is needed elsewhere... hehe

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