Run the Blades

A wet start to the day and I got a lift to the Whitelee Wind Farm , E Renfrewshire for a race. It was dry by the time we arrived, with a gentle breeze (not cold) and later some sun. (But still some dark clouds as you can see from the pic)
There are 3 races there, a 10k last night and a half marathon and 50k today and I was doing the half. The run uses the turbine access roads and is very undulating with the bulk of the uphill in the second half - which explained why I seemed to be doing so well in the first!
The sun came out quite a bit so the breeze was welcome, though less so in the later stages when it had strengthened and we were running into it in all the places you didn't want. There was also an additional water feature - an ankle deep stream that had burst its banks after th eheavy overnight rain.
Pleased with my time.
Whitelee Wind Farm is the second largest on-shore wind farm in Europe (no1 is in Roumania) and has 215 turbines - I wonder if the 50k route went past them all).

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