22.30 and all's well, and bright.

Despite the light nights, a candle is cheery.
We have just waved our guests off after a very nice meal together.
Rose, Paco and Lis - the last two are based in Portugal so it's a special treat to have them with us!
I made roasted rhubarb and strawberries with a mixture of sherry, balsamic vinegar and honey to moisten them. In the oven for an hour, thickened the juice with a little potato flour. It was delicious with ice cream and whipped cream. I'll be doing that again...
The glass dish was my Granny Harling's, one of the things from my distant past. I love having these small reminders, especially the ones I use daily - like the bread knife, the coffee pot and so on.
I swam for the first time this summer, the lake was at around 20 and felt marvellously refreshing but not at all chilly. Keith was too busy roofing.
Cooking all afternoon, so that swim was essential if I was to be sweet and calm for our guests.
We're watching Gentleman Jack from the BBC, and really enjoying it. I fall for the Yorkshire accents all the time, even if they're a bit patchy. It's a bit of a romp, but also with a serious message or two.
This is the end of the day, still light outside, mozzies buzzing about happy to bite anyone who lingers.
Feeling happy to be able to tell people that our nephew Isaac and his wife Eleanore are expecting their first baby in November. 2 new lives in the same year, certainly a reason for celebration and gratitude!

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