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Loose ends

Not that I tied them all today, the loose ends in my domestic existence, but I did manage to do the odd thing. One such odd thing was to deal with the front path. We don't really use the front door nearly as much as we do the back: the parking space is at the end of our back garden and even walking we find some roads quicker if we start from the lane. And so it is that every time recently that I have walked up or down the paved path to the front gate, I've been appalled to see how many plants have forced their way through or round the black plastic membrane on which the golden gravel rests on either side of the paving-stones. 

So for an hour before lunch today I raked at the clumps of moss and fished them out of the tines of the rake; I hauled at various dandelion-like plants with long and horribly persistent tap-roots; I pulled up the new shoots of rosa rugosa which were straying far from their mother bush - and I noticed this, this pretty thing in the photo. It grows at the side of my neighbour's garden but overhangs my steps, so I see it every year. I think it's lovely - the combination of bright yellow flowers and these shiny red berries is very appealing.

Now, I need you again, horticultural blippers: what is it? 

I've already learned this week to call that lovely purple-blue trail plant vetch; now I need my education extended. Anyone?

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