By grasshopper6

Sunset at Chesil beach

S, F, M and A all agreed to go to Portland so that I could get a picture of the sunset.  This is friendship for you. When people do things simply to give you pleasure… They are the four figures (plus bicycle) silhouetted against the landscape.

Friendship seems to be a theme with me.  To be honest, I am not one to have lots of friends.  I am not good in big groups. I feel shy and awkward and want to disappear or go home where I feel safe. I prefer quality over quantity when it regards to friendship.

I read this interesting article in “The Guardian” today.  Apparently Brits are amongst the most unsociable countries with only 2.4 close friends per capita (going on at the same time) on average.  

The article goes on about categorizing friendships according to type (childhood, school, uni, work, pub, school runs, virtual,  etc). I think the article misses the point. Friends are people you love, feel close to. And that is never erased, even if contact has been stopped.

Can you ever learn to “unlove” someone that has been truly important in your life? I don’t think you can.  At most you can feel lonely, betrayed, jealous…. Maybe learn to hate them. But memories will always come to remind you of how much you really loved them.  And , in your dreams you will patch things up with them and feel joyous and relieved...

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