My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Emotional last day

Aaron's last day at Primary school and this afternoon was their leavers' assembly.
It was really nice to see the kids being celebrated before they all go to Secondary school in September. They all got little gifts from their teacher Mrs Eaton along with 3 words about each of them. There were attainment and improvement awards, a goodbye song from the rest of the school, a couple of videos of the class dancing and one with photos of when they started school vs now. Then there was this dance performance that they put on for everyone, all with massive grins on their faces!
I don't remember all this when I left.

I think Aaron was a bit sad this morning so we didn't quite manage to get a last day photo (might have to fake one as a keepsake) in the rush to get ready. We didn't even manage to get one on his own in the melee at the end. It was a bit of an emotional day for everyone but now it's looking towards the future and being able to walk to school.
The 3 words to describe Aaron...kind, (very) quiet, smiler.

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