By CarolineJay


An early start for my day trip to Norfolk to see my sister and fading b-i-l, and I'm so glad I went. He had surfaced a little and seemed more responsive and aware, and I was amazed and humbled by all the love and strength of their family. All my sisters were there, and A's brother and sister as well as his daughter and her boyfriend. Their two sons had gone on a stag weekend, at sister K's insistence, saying that's what their dad would want, and they knew that.

A is in a hospital bed with attachments in the sitting room with family life going on all around him. The previous night they'd  had a birthday party for one of the sons around the bed, and while I was there people were Facetiming A, with whoever was handy holding the tablet up so that the screen was in front of his eyes at the right angle. The lads called to check up on him and to tell him how their weekend was going. 5-year-old grandson Facetimed to tell Grandpa that he couldn't come today because his tummy hurt but he was drawing a picture for him, and his future daughter-in-law Facetimed to show him some of the things she's bought for the wedding, which everyone says is still going ahead in September from their home no matter what! We all sat around the bed chatting, having tea, doing the crossword and talking to A all the time, and the others who've been there for the last distressing week said that he was responding and smiled at his sister before she had to leave. No miracles though... I'm sure I've said goodbye to him for the last time.

Before his illness when he was a GP, some of his older patients called him Dr Majestic because they couldn't pronounce his Polish surname. I think it's a truly appropriate name, and I think all his wonderful family deserve it too.

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