This large tree grows in a neighbours garden.  It has now got lots of the groups of seed, called 'samaras' ( I had to look that bit up).  I have always known them as 'helicopters', and as a child we used to collect them from the ground and throw them up in the air to watch them then circle down. The winner was the one who's 'helicopter' was the fastest.  The wind has really got stronger as today has gone on, so I thought I had better blip them while they are still on the tree.
Thank you for looking at my journal and giving lovely comments and stars, all much appreciated.  We are in the middle of a big de-cluttering exercise, so I apologise if I am slow to get round all of your blips, but I do look at them all even if I don't always comment. I shall be glad when we have finished as I am getting bored with it now.

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