The making of ...

An apple pie for tomorrow, when son no 2 has his birthday.
I think I might have told this story before, but nevertheless I'll repeat it once more ;-)

32 years ago today I had my last visit with the midwife before the forthcoming birth, I had gone there alone on my bicycle, leaving mother-in-law at home with young son no 1, happy to be able to leave the house as I was on strict bed rest most of the time because of pregnancy hypertension. The midwife's practice room was in her house upstairs under the roof. I had just undone my clothes and underclothes and was lying waiting for her to do the last inspection when there was an enormous bang and the house next door to hers exploded and large pieces of debris fell on the roof (it was a gas explosion). We couldn't look outside from that room and could only guess what had happened. My midwife was in such a panic that I had to calm her down and guide her downstairs instead of she me , this obviously after clumsily getting myself dressed again. Of course outside there were more neighbours and very soon fire fighters and ambulance help for the wounded and as it was obvious the midwife inspection was not going to happen that day and there was nothing else I could do I simply went home again on my bike (we're talking of the time before mobile phones). The next morning the midwife came to our home and did the inspection there and told me that it would probably take another day or three before I would give birth. She had only gone an hour or so before the labour cramps started ! I'll spare you the story of what happened next. But son no 2 for years was not a fan of loud noises of any kind, so who knows what he had experienced in the womb the day before. He is now well into his thirties and doesn't mind loud sounds any more ;-)

Thanks so much for all the ICM entries last Thursday for Abstract Thursday, there were so many great entries and I do hope you all had fun trying it out. The optional theme for this coming Thursday is 'repetition' and the tag will be AT213. With the cake baking and more preparations for today's and tomorrow's meals I didn't have time for comments, but I did give every entry as star.

Here's the list of last Thursday's specials, all icm entries this time:

LooseCanon    rather great  minimal horizontal icm
rainie                 lovely pastel icm landscape
Lsquare             a great impression of a waving flag
suejay50           great icm resulting in the merest impression of boats in harbour
nanzy19            a beautiful impression of grass and sky

and a special mention for KangaZu's out of the box camera shake :-)

Thanks again, also for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's rudbeckia flowers

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