By RealSandee

Pride parade and friends in Glasgow

Today I took the train and went to Glasgow meeting A, who I met on Twitter (really funny!), his wife A and daughter M. It was so great meeting up and to have a face to face conversation for once!

Once I walked out of the train station there was this pride parade, it was beautifully colourful! So many happy people, old, young, big and small - every nationality and gender. Amazing!

The little family who's visiting from London and I had lunch together, A went shopping and A and I (picture) walked M so she could fall asleep.

Back in Edinburgh, I cooked dinner for M and we then went to the cinema watching Toy Story 4. What a beautiful movie! I loved it!

Usual Saturday night for M and I - dancing and watching boxing (on telly) in Three Sisters for once. So much fun. Additional picture.

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