By jenharrison

Bake Sale

I've not really been feeling myself this weekend. Not poorly but not my usual happy go lucky. I think I'm probably in the need of a holiday but 3 more weeks to go till annual leave.
It's been the usual Sunday for me. Cleaning, washing and ironing. I made roast beef for dinner as the kids were feeling hard done to as I've not done one for a few weeks.
The girls have their last week of NCS coming up. It is the social action project this week. They get to stay home but meet up with their team every day to complete a community project. Their group are going to be painting a mural and planting up pots etc to brighten up the SEN block of the girls school. Tomorrow they are holding a bake sale in town and doing other things as a group to raise money to buy the materials they need to complete the project for the rest of the week.
My contribution was chocolate buns and fairy cakes. Dani made cheese scones. I hoping Sammy's contribution will be in sales, as she's not done anything in the kitchen.

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