By jac1954


Took myself off to Beth Chatto today spent the whole afternoon there wonderful time had a very nice green tea in the cafe there and outside the building was a very large Wisteria with what looked to me to be broad beans.
It must be seeds I thought.
I grew up with a 80ft long wisteria that grew from the front of the house through the garage and down to the bottom of the garden. And I have never seen these seed pods. Although a tree grown from seed may take up to 20years to produce flowers so I read. I even asked the plant expert what they were. She had not seen them either perhaps it is the hot weather we have been having I said to her. Yes maybe.
So as that was a strange thing in my day I thought I’d share it.

Off to the hospital tomorrow to see about my wrist. Maybe I can go splint less. Probably get more appointment for physio.

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