Buddy & Rubber Willy

I took a photograph of Rubber Willy on top of my tent before we both dismantled it to pack up from the RBL Riders weekend National Rally. 
When I got home Buddy came around with his new family so I just had to blip him, but managed to incorporate with Rubber Willy as you haven't seen him on his travels for some time now.
Buddy is now into his second day, while Rubber Willy is 51 years old!

Extra shows him tucked up in my tank bag for the journey home, which unlike Friday was quite dry other than two very light showers. I think I was on the fringes of heavier showers but got away with it.
My Boots never dried out from Friday so they are now in the airing cupboard and next trip will be to Go Outdoors for some Dubbin type leather protector. Obviously normal boot polish doesn't cut the mustard.

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