BoHingles Blips

By BoHingles


You may have seen this before on my journal, but I can't get enough of this little village.

Every time I pass through I have to stop for a photograph and of course the view changes as the seasons roll by.

A few locals (maybe even one) are not happy with us cyclists and they have taken to dirty tactics to try and stop us from enjoying this little spot.

The lanes are great around here and on my doorstep. On a Sunday it is very quiet around these parts but when a car is on the road I'm very cautious and pull in tight to the hedges. I normally only ride with one or two people but I do understand the issue with very big groups that are going on fast training runs.

There is room for all of us if we are considerate to each other. There are bad car drivers but there are also some very bad cyclists too.

Happy riding and driving folks.

Mr Bo Hingles

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