The seat of government

Victoria Quay in Leith is one of the Scottish Government buildings. It was opened in 1996. I've been there a few times for various bits of work. I like it, and it has a very dramatic outlook over the docks but in all honesty I prefer St Andrews House, the 1930s building in the centre of Edinburgh where my grandfather, a civil servant, worked for many years.

I took the blip of Leith Docks on the approach to Edinburgh from Cardiff. My friend kindly drove us to Cardiff Airport. It was well over two hours - Pembrokeshire is a long way west.

I had such a good time in West Wales. I love visiting my good friend A and the beautiful places near her home. It's nice to be home though, after a week away. The garden looks even more fulsome and needs a firm talking to. But not tonight. I'm quite tired and I'll look forward to catching up with all the blippery soon.

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