Rodents rule

By squirk


Sitting in the shade at the Southbank Rooftop garden was lovely. The plants have grown tall and they are full of bees and other nectar sippers. However, the heat was intense and I was glad of the air-conditioned office. I feel sorry for the guys in the sandwich shop as it was even hotter in there than outside. And this is only the start of the Hot Week. 

My colleague informed us this morning that we're halfway through summer and so we started to look forward to autumn, which seems to be a favourite month for a few of us. Not that we're wishing away the summer, though.

My scone injury is finally out of a dressing and is less swollen (swollen because of a reaction with dressing tape rather than a swelling from the burn itself). I used the oven for the first time since and I treated the appliance very carefully. I will no longer underestimate the heat of a baking tray (or my stupidity)! The pharmacist gave me some gel stuff that seems to be doing the trick already with making it less painful. Going over bumps on my bike en route to work was a bit ouch, but coming back was fine.

At home, I removed the pigeon carcass and placed it behind the shed. I'm hoping a fox will grab it. Mind you, they've had all day to do that and can't have been interested so far. I'm 80 per cent sure that it was Juno that killed the bird, judging from the feathers underneath the bird table and that he was sitting beside the victim when I went out to fill the feeders at breakfast. He usually eat his kills, but perhaps a pigeon is just too big.

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