Back Blip from Akaroa

My youngest son came over to Akaroa with me to try and get into the house.

When I was away my oldest son went over to mow the lawns but could get the key got work in the door. The last time I was over there I left the window open and the neighbour went in and closed to for me. He had trouble opening the door... so rang me I told him how to open it as it is a little tricky. He got it open but must have forced it and it snapped a bit of the inside of the lock.

It didn't take too long and my son got the handle off and we got inside. He put in a new lock and all is working again!

When we left Christchurch it sure was wet and just got over the hill towards Akaroa and it was much clear. Sadly after a hour of arriving the rain really came down in buckets!

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