Rain Drops Falling on My Head

It has been a damp, cold grey day. I thought the rain had gone but it started again this afternoon.

I have had a busy day with sorting things out and paying bills. My MRI is now changed to Monday. After leaving a message with the specialists secretary I finally got a phone call from her. She was shocked I had to wait so long for a MRI and also they hadn't booked me in for a xray at the same time.. so she got onto them. Pleased my appointment is changed from 8.20pm on Thursday to 10am Monday. I will be able to take some medication now as there is some one on duty at the time of day. Just have to see my GP  for a prescription. Still have to get Flickr sorted! Still not able to get into my account. They wanted a lot more details and photo ID before they would do anything.

Lovely seeing the Helleborus coming into flower at this time of year.

I have put up my two blips from Akaroa today if you would like to see them.

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