BORIS? Not Boris?

Nicoiseannie and I watched the outcome of the leadership contest with bated breath, a large G&T and two straws, plus a large box of "man-size" tissues.  OK, so I exaggerate, but we did watch the "can of worms" being opened and groaned simultaneously.

I thought the expression on this blackbird's face, plus the beak full of worms said it all.

I am reading a diary-type book by Adam Kay, a former Junior Doctor, called "This is going to hurt" and it's hilarious as well as frightening.  I wish I'd had it in hospital with me. 

Whilst writing this, I'm watching a thunderfly wandering around inside my monitor and it's just walked past one that's been stuck there for several years and is one I keep trying to clone it out of my photos, without success obviously.

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