I know I am a day early for Wild Wednesday, but if I hadn't captured these today the chances are that they would not have been there tomorrow if I had gone back.
I was at the hairdressers this morning and on the way back I made a detour to Stubbers Green Pool.  The first shot is a general shot across the pool.  While I was taking this I noticed a tall bird right at the back of all the others.  It looked like a Heron, but I have never seen one that far away from the water before. So I focused in on it and it was indeed a heron. He then began grooming his feathers.  I called T to have a look and with his sharp eyes he spotted another one a bit further along. So two Herons for the price of one. Finally the first one decided it was too hot to carry on grooming, so lay down on the grass.  When I got him in close up he was flapping his wings.  I wondered if he was having a dust bath.
Not the best of photos, but I was working at the limit of my cameras zoom.
Thank you for your lovely comments and stars on my hydrangea from yesterday.

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