Memories of M

Memories4Me suggested I make a feature of my encounters which occur  almost daily all over the city . This is the official 1st  in what will be a short series. Meet M from  America over here working for a few days. .Having been over an hour at the Krankenkasse I was desperate for a drink . Every table and there are many in this area was full ( especially those in shade ) A courtesy to ask if you may share  M answered in English saying she spoke no German .We laughed , shared the table and it proved a great encounter. She lives and works in Chicago and discussed the city . No prizes for what else we talked about . .I've her email address and will be in touch plus she will be returning to Berlin .Thank you Patricia for your great idea and many thanks to M .

*Thanks to all re the bird yesterday  .U had a huge technical problem so asked we go tomorrow .She has all the gear .I went but didn't see the duck 
Hopefully in the shade since the weather  has been scorching .

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