Cat's Paw

By catspaw

Sheep below Ditchling Cross

While photographing in the Churchyard and the adjacent field at Streat yesterday morning, I started chatting to a gentleman walking his dog, who pointed out to me that the Cross on the Downs above Plumpton was quite sharply visible in the crisp morning light.

Today's Blip is taken looking up toward the ridge of the Downs from opposite the entrance to Plumpton College. The Cross - said to have been carved into the chalk by monks of Lewes Priory for the souls of those lost in the Battle of Lewes in 1264 - can be seen as a grassy hollow in the centre of the frame about three quarters of the way up.

I am completely in the dark as to why it is so often referred to as the 'Ditchling' Cross when it is in the Parish of Plumpton.

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