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By justbe

"Oh my...

I'm so excited, I just heard the UPS delivery truck. A box with 30 pounds of peanuts from nuts.com has been left on the front step just in time for my lunch!" 

Fan, the head chipmunk at Dogcorner Cottage.

For the Record, 
This day came in cooler with heavy rain after a night of storms. Lots of power outages on Cape Cod, especially Wellfleet.

Last night I had a nice conversation with an Abyssinian breeder in Connecticut. She has a small cattery with three females and a young male. She has two females who maybe pregnant soon, the maybe is because it's the stud's first time and he may or may not have been successful. She has raised Abyssinians for 30 years in her home, in a family setting(no cages) along with her two Golden Retrievers. She and her husband are involved in some home renovations at the moment, I'm to call next week to set up a time that we can visit when the work has been completed. She also has a retired queen, 4 years old, that she is looking to re-home. We'll look at her and see if perhaps we might adopt her while waiting for a kitten. We'll see, but it was a comforting conversation.

All hands glad it's cooler

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