hello again

By admirer


living on the solidago canadensis. This yellow-greenish Hemiptera bug I can't identify further. It simply is not in my guide book.

Huge thanks for the wonderful ressponse, comments, stars and hearts for my Painted Lady. It makes me happy.

A very hot day. I cleared the stones steps at the side of the house, before it was too hot. Then I printed my short story, and did send it to Mischa, we will discuss it over the weekend I hope.
We stayed under the parasol and when it was too hot, inside.
And we followed the news in London and Capitol Hill.
I will tag this bug for the Wild Wednesday Challenge, and the Happy Hump Day Challenge. Huge thanks to Cailleach and laurie54.

I will give silly hearts tonight to johnsmiley1321, 59, theBroon, MaryzElizaR, and carolinav.

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