By lilaudio

Meta Marketing Critique

As a digital marketing and intercultural communications specialist, you often feel your skills are apt to be weapons when placed in the wrong hands, or placed behind the wrong cause.

Even when mindful of that, driven by strong morals and ethics, the 'wrong' isn't always easily distinguished from the the 'good' or 'fair'... Until you're well into a project. And, you're not always in control of the vast matrix of decisions being made in large projects. It can vear off into dark, depressing, or grim paths along the way...

When the signs of routes being cared towards destinations that are against core values, the urge to whistleblow, pull hard and fast on the reigns, or simply ditch and run becomes strong.

"These folks may as well replace all messaging with 'Buy Sh*t!' And be done with it." Dump the false, dreamy, 'socially aware' mission statements, and fess-up. You don't pay your taxes, you objectify and commodify humans, and see short term $$$ as your only meaningful KPI.

In short: this London billboard speaks volumes.*applause*

Now let's hope folks don't take it literally and now to the command, neither purposefully, nor subliminally.

/cue brain melt/

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