Making the church welcoming

This is Karin lighting the candles in the big chandelier. Quite high up! We rehearsed the music for tomorrows event - a "medieval feeling" music session, sort of a service but not really since this isn't a consecrated church and we don't have a priest in the group.

Lots of things will feel churchy though, incense, candles, prayers, blessings, bible readings and sacred music. Not bad! The focus at the museum this week is on the medieval period, so this is a small part of the whole. 

I was at a meeting of the Left party this evening, discussing how we can work to raise awareness of the issues we're working with, and the things we have achieved. Different ways of activating members and reaching new groups. It was really useful to hear how the same party works in Malmö, we have 100 members, they have 2000!

I am trying to ignore the goings on in Westminster. This level of disgust is one I rarely reach. I anticipate it is going to get deeper before too long.

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