Ellie's World

By TristarEllie


Started the day with a weights session then went for a run in the sunshine.

Was having a lovely run Forrest run moment in the woods when my left calf twanged! Ouch!!

Alas was nearer home than where I left my car so limped all the way back, collected the car and then home for a quick ice session.

The rest of the day was all about Trevor’s Funeral in Norwich.

A very strange day for me - my last visit was full of hopes and dreams so it was really odd to be back for a funeral.

A bittersweet day celebrating his life with friends & family. It was a beautiful service and he was laid to rest in the woods in a wicker basket.

Trevor had suffered with HLH for the past 8 mths, It’s a blood disorder and he very bravely chose not to continue with chemo deciding that his family had already witnessed enough. It was his way of taking control back and I can understand that.

He loved life and crammed a lot into the short time he had on the planet. It was wonderful to see all the photos from when we were kids & reminisce about old times.

RIP Trev - oh how we shall miss you.

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