Pretty as a Peacock!

 Wednesday 24th July 2019                (backblip)

I have also backblipped Monday's & yesterday's Expensive day! ...... do hope you will have a look :-)

We didn't have to take Mum shopping today as my sister is looking after her for a few days while it is so hot!

So instead we took a few of the things we had cleared out over the last couple of days to the charity shop & sold a few bits too.

Then did our shopping ...... just wish it wasn't quite so hot .... makes hard work of doing things!

I am almost caught up now (Thursday) ....... but in my little 'computer room' it is roasting ..... I have a fan blowing on the computer to stop it overheating & another blowing on me! It's still much to hot! Will finish catching up tomorrow .... please bear with me :-)

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