They could be real people ...

Daughter#1 came up with the idea to visit the Steam Museum at Swindon today, in the hope that it might be cool. It was a good idea. We'd never been before and found it very interesting. Lots of very lifelike displays, and I realised it is where a couple of the guys from camera club must go to get their 're-enactment' photos.

Rory: Why do they have real fruit?
Me: Perhaps they could be real people, just sitting very still.
Rory (after some consideration): I don't think so Grandad, they have their feet fixed to the floor!

It wasn't air conditioned in the museum, but it was in Wagamama where we had a very nice lunch . We'd never been before. Unlike when we go to Nando's we weren't the oldest people there. We may go again.

The three extras are actually from yesterday evening, after I had posted my rather boring waiting room scene. I looked out at the garden at about 9.30 and thought a hot air balloon was coming down. It was scarily low over the rooftops. It eventually landed in a field just across the main road.

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