Yee Ha!

CC suggested this area that she visited once in winter and it's one I've never seen.  Well...we definitely earned some " 'atta girls!" for our hike today.  (If you're interested, the first extra shows what over half of the trail was like - - - mostly uphilll, and extra #2 shows the view from the top).  We were both so happy we were able to do it, and on such a beautiful if slightly hazy day... a long time coming for both of us.

We are SO fortunate to live in area abundant with local, county, state, and national parks that are huge, gorgeous, and well cared for.  This is why I tolerate the horrible winters.  I love it here!!! 

I'm looking at your wonderful blips even though I'm not leaving stars, hearts, comments.  I continue to be wowed each and every day.  I thank you for visiting mine.  Happy almost-Friday

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