By loisbiz

In the Eagle's Nest

Ellie and I spent the day at the Portland Zoo today; this is a place I have taken photos of the many children over the years, it is just outside the Bald Eagle enclosure. The eagle was perched very close to the open viewing area so Ellie was extremely fascinated with watching the Eagle so close. I rater liked it too.....the Eagle was very expressive too.....I think he was watching us too. See extra. 

We walked the entire zoo.......there is a lot of construction going on as they add larger areas for the animals and improve some of the smaller areas. A few of my favorite areas were closed; I especially missed the Polar Bears. But our very large Elephant habitat was finished last year and it is amazing; Ellie and I really liked the pond where the elephant was frolicking. The Lions were active too, so we liked watching them. The day was quite warm so by early afternoon most of the animals were staying in the shade......we were looking for shady viewpoints too. See second extra when Ellie borrowed my hat.  We had a really good time, but Ellie was pretty tired and glad to get back in the stroller the last 30 minutes. :-))

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