Open wide!

We’ve had swallows nesting in our shed and it’s been quite a job keeping Mittens, our cat, away from them. If she gets at all close, they go into full panic mode, swooping down towards them and making lots of noise.
Yesterday, the adults were behaving a bit differently and I suspected something was up.
When I got up this morning about 5.30 a.m. I looked up at the roof and there was one fledgling. The parents came to feed them as you can see.
However, another one has perched on the door of the shed and another one was in a bush although it flew away.
It’s a tough time for them. They’re so vulnerable.
I think Mittens will be having an inside day today!!!
Have a fine weekend
P.S. We have a pretty high roof.

P.P.S. 9.30 a.m. Good news. I’m pretty sure the fledglings have taken off into the great blue yonder

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