Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Natural cyanotype

pill box and desktop
shades of blue - soft summer light --
interior sea

My parents visited again! We watched the last few kilometres of the day's Tour de France stage (Alaphilippe still wears the yellow jersey - could he win the race? It's been more than 30 years a Frenchman hasn't won the Tour de France, it'd be quite a blast if he did - but Bernal and Thomas are on his heels...) then we went to the terrace to enjoy the sun.

I went back to my room after tea and saw this on my desk (without the glass - I placed it there for compositional effect).

I had my first ergotherapy appointment. We talked about what had brought me here (medical history) and mostly how my life here could be made easier in a practical way. One change already: Maeva replaced a chair in my room with an armchair so I can get out of my wheelchair a bit during the day, to read for example. Without the armrests, I can't do it because I need my arms to get up from anything... Also, I told her I didn't sleep very well because I'm used to sleeping on my left side and I can't at the moment because of neuropathic pain in my left shoulder/upper arm/breast, so she'll find a kind of pillow to position my still uncooperative left leg so that I can sleep on the right side (which will already be better than being forced to try and sleep on my back - it doesn't work and I've only been having between two and five hours of broken sleep per night since I've been here).

I've exchanged emails with the agency I mostly work with and I will try and start work again on 5 August.

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