Never miss a moment

By LifesJourney

All Aboard

...and a beautiful day for it.

With boarding passes for 11.30 till 12 we did our last minute packing, brought the cases downstairs, had breakfast, finished getting ready and then booked our Uber. The driver arrived within minutes, great service, we loaded our suitcases and carry on bags and after the driver checked we had everything we were off. The 15 minute journey into Southampton was pretty clear and it wasn’t long before we saw the first of the cruise ships Azura, in dock today and a few moments later the first glimpse of ‘Indy’ - Independence of the Seas - our travelling hotel for the next 14 days. The taxi driver soon had us into the drop off area, unloaded and was about to leave when we realised we must of left a case in the car. So just managing to catch the driver we checked the boot to realise we’d left it at home. Now having packed most of the clothes we own, if it hadn’t been a case full of shoes we’d left behind we might of gone without it but with only the shoes on our feet we made the round trip again; the bonus of only living a short distance away from the port, but triple the cost!!

Having already checked in online boarding the ship went smoothly and we were soon checking out what was on board, being acquainted with the Windjammer (buffet restaurant onboard) and sipping our first cocktails and that was all before we set sail ;)) Muster station practice and then the sail away party as we sailed down Southampton water and then dinner before an evening of entertainment.

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