Avoid Travelling Today

I received an email from LNER suggesting I defer my trip today. Due to the heat it is expected that rail services might be disrupted. I am not sure if many people headed this advice. My train to Paddington and the metro between Paddington and Kings Cross both seemed less crowded than usual. This could be due to the holiday season.

The train from Kings Cross was almost fully booked, and those without seat reservations struggled to find a seat, or sat on the floor. However we had no heat related disruption. The train arrived at Aberdeen only 20 minutes late, which could almost be considered as being on time! Most of this delay was incurred by the time we got to York.

So anyway I was pleased I had not deferred my travel, my trains were fairly early and may have been ahead of any heat disturbances. The risk was probably reduced as we progressed northwards.

Kings Cross station seemed much as usual, neither more or less crowded than normal. Most passengers on the Aberdeen train alighted at Edinburgh, after which there was plenty of space.

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