Lost in Thought

By steveng

Pink Fizz (FF26_2019)

A sad day today - our neighbour passed away a couple of weeks ago and today was her funeral.  St Peter's in the village was packed and it was clear to see, hers was a life lived to the full. She was only 59 and had just a few months from being diagnosed with cancer which had already spread too far for any real hope of recovery.  She decided that having chemotherapy might well lengthen her life, but would make some of the days very difficult. Instead she wrote out her pink fizz list  and set about ticking the entries off, celebrating each with a glass of fizz.

She had been a prolific bell ringer since her late teens, her statistics put her in the top few in this country.    Aside from bell ringing she was a keen gardener,  her degree and PHD, (which she never mentioned)  were in biological sciences. Sue was ever keen to help anyone showing an interest, and gave Gill plenty of good advice when we moved in and started tidying our garden.  At work, she taught in a primary school and enthusiastically passed on her love of the outdoors and the natural world.

When she came to tell us that she was terminaly ill, it was clear she was not looking for sympathy, just letting us know so we would understand if she was not her usual self some days.  She was more worried about how her husband was reacting.

In honour of Sue - a pink pelargonium for Flower Friday

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