By lgrcecldwll

Big Fanny Energy

A very LONG day. I need to get better at being more assertive with my boss, as I keep getting roped into staying at work after hours.

I pretty much collapsed on the bus home, cancelled all my plans for the evening, deciding that what I needed was to be horizontal in front of love island.

But Argyle messaged to ask if I was free to be an ear.

I always am for Argyle, she is one of my oldest & best pals. We live just down the road from each other - but we’re really quite terrible at regularly seeing each other. However, we have always had one of those gorgeous friendships that is very low maintenance yet true, honest & full of lady love.

and so we sat in the garden with a couple of beers & we talked her back to smiling.

I must say I feel much better for it.

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