Nature Watcher

By NatureWatcher

There's many a slip ....

It has poured with rain for most of the day - I needn't have watered last night!

This afternoon I popped over to the castle as they have a multi period Living History weekend going on. There were very few members of the public there as it was so wet which was a shame.

A group of the Medieval re-enactors did a display of fighting. At the end they lined up and ran at the spectators shouting aggressively and waving their weapons. As they got there their leader slipped on the wet grass and slid unceremoniously to the marker rope.  He took it in good humour and created a laugh for everyone else!

I saw the castle manager to discuss the destruction of the castle habitat and as I suspected it had been done for the events. Also people had complained that it was looking untidy.  She didn't think that it damaged anything as it soon grows so I tried to explain the problem.  I don't know if it will make any difference but I said that I'd inform her of insect hotspots before it's next cut.  

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