hello again

By admirer


Hot hot hot!
We did together some little jobs in the morning. Cleared the front part of the garage, and now we each have a big table-top available for whatever we like to use it for. Drawing, typing, sort out old stuff, whatever.
After lunch a nap, rather long because of the heat.
I had a silly experience in my last dream of the night. I saw a awful silly scene and wanted to take a photo of it. But, somehow it did not happen and than I woke up.
My real silly photo is Piet Hein playing the piccolo. We were talking about making in the future perhaps some music together. I have my guitar here and Mischa's traverse flute is here too. Piet Hein wanted to start already with the little plastic flute,  his mouth organ from earlier days, and this piccolo flute. I could easily take some pictures without he became aware of it.
There will be a weather change, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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