Life through the lens...

By ValC

The Rhythum of the Rain.

Who remembers the song?
“ Listen to the rythum of the falling rain” by the Cascades, 1963 . Reached no 5 in the UK charts.
A perfect song for today.
What a joy for once. Not often I say that about rain!
Much fresher. Temperature down to 17C. Doesn’t feel cold though.
The plants are loving it.
Birds too. There have been lots about in the garden, and on next door’s lawn.
Young green finches, Cole tits, goldfinches, and some long tailed tits. No chance of any good photos.
So it is one of the garden taken from the front door.

I hope you have enjoyed the day, and it hasn’t been spoilt by the rain.

Not too happy at the moment as the wind has got up, and it is blowing the garden to bits.

Well done to little Halifax Rugby League team.
Beaten by the mighty St Helens, but played well in the semi final of The Cup.

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