Beautiful and Old

Encyclopedia of Needlework :)

This book was given to me by my Mum and apparently belonged to my Grandfather's Mother (my Great Grandmother), Edith, who I never met.  I am not sure how Edith came by it, but its beautiful :)

The extras are the front of the book and its little case - sadly the spine side with 'E' on is so frail its broken away, and the inside, and finally the close up detail of the butterfly :)

(sorry, the quality of the photography is really lacking, I'm out of practice with still life type things)...

Shopping then reading and pottering, tidying, sorting (and repeat) kind of day...  Raining on and off so I couldn't do much in the garden though.

Trout with Lime and Black Pepper for dinner, and Casualty this evening :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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