By iamwillproject

Self preservation.

Crime rate in San Diego is arguably near 20% lower than the national average. Without explaining the composition of a “violent crime” or defining what constitutes “property crime”... I will state that crime in my specific zip-code is undisputedly the highest within my County. Ranked on a scale of 1 (low) to 100 (high crime): violent crime within my specific zip-code is 63.4 (US average = 22.7), & property crime is 66.5. (US average = 35.4). Majority of ALL aforementioned crimes are perpetrated within a 16 block area around my residence. That being said, throughout my decade of living in the same house, neither myself nor my family members have ever been a victim of any crime.

My point? In simple terms I believe establishing relationships with neighbors & investing one’s self in community for the greater good may very well speaks volumes about your level of integrity amongst the neighborhood’s knitting circles (would-be criminals included). On a great many occasions I’ve proven myself to be an asset to many community members whose lives I’ve directly impacted positively. I maintain the faith that if I do no harm, I’ll not attract any harm along the way. Perhaps I’m a bit naive... or, quite possibly there’s truth in the idea of reaping what we sow. At the very least, I prefer to think my progressive actions minimize the likelihood of being victimized. I’m grateful for this day & certainly encourage anyone to explore possibilities of community engagement.

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