Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

I've mostly been indoors today, doing indoor chores. To hot to go outside, even if there's been a wind at least. But, this evening I went out to water my plants and replant two lavender plants that I bought in the greenhouse yesterday. It's so nice to see that everything outside are growing. :) The tiniest of the tomato plants that I didn't think would become something of has grown several centimeters. It's soon time to replant them in larger pots. The cucumbers are also growing.
I feel rather embarrassed... I thought the pot with the new lavenders only had weed in it before, so I started to pull the weed to make room for the new lavenders. Then I saw that two of the 'weeds' looked really similar to lavender... I guess two of the lavender seeds I sowed last November survived! Despite being so neglected. So now they are together with the plants from the greenhouse, and also it's a burial place for a little bumblebee I found in the Geranium soil bag. It had crawled in there to die or hide or something. There's also a wasp in there, dead, but I haven't removed that one yet. Not really fond of wasps at all... not even the dead ones. 
I thought perhaps the pot with lavendel would tempt some bees and butterflies and also show them that there's water there incase they need a drink.

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