Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Hugging the shade

Another very hot day. I spent some of it at the museum on the medieval day. Which was interesting. The church was busy as a Catholic service was being held. It went on for ages and sounded a bit dreary at times. But everyone seemed to be satisfied with everything as they left.

Karin and I sang some part songs afterwards and amused a few people who were hiding from the heat in the relative cool. Outside everyone was hugging the shade.

In the evening we went to Kramfors and listened to Nora Trion, 3 wonderful young men - musicians we’ve heard before. This time in a lovely wooden chapel full of appreciative people who knew what to expect. Local poetry set to fabulous music and played with heart and skill. A total treat.

Now we are waiting for food to be served. Potatoes and smoked salmon and salad. We’ve watched two grown up cats and three kittens romping in the garden whilst we chatted. A peaceful day full of delightful sounds.

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