By TartanRose22

Long gone

I don't feel sad today but it is hot and humid so going slower than usual. The sun is hiding behind clouds. The light is muted. Taking a short walk going past a derelict building I remembered the time I called in to this plumber's workshop. A single story cottage with PLUMBER spelled in big metal letters along the roof ridge. Except that the 'P' had dropped off, so it read LUMBER. Cue for a visual joke worthy of David Jason or Just William.
The plumber was a tiny elderly man in a pair of dark blue dungarees. Often seen standing at his door. Hoping for some custom - maybe just a blether. Sad to think such characters are now scarce in our days of B&Q et al. where know-how has to be got from YouTube, or buy ...  'for Dummies'

I'm still so new here I hope I can already post an  'extra' . Not far away from the plumber's, by the railway line this little empty hut. Imagine long gone workmen finding shelter, notice the chimney, a stove for some heat and a boiling kettle.  Somewhere to eat your 'piece'.

Not so much 'where have all the flowers gone..?' as where did the workers go?

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